Junior Champion CZ & SK, Champion CZ, Grand Champion CZ

Monsolana Lovely Cream

D.O.B.: 20.02.2017

Sex: female

Father: Salsina Whole World

Mother: Monsolina Say my Name

Color: tricolor

Teeth: complete, scissors bite


Breeding: breeding female

Import from Russia

- Health -

 CEA/PRA/cat. - free, MDR +/-, DM -/-


- About Sára -

Sára came to us in the middle of 2017. She kicked off her exhibition career successfully in puppy class at a two-day club exhibition in Ostrava. On both days she received the Very promising 1 achievement and the BIS PUPPY title. Another club exhibition she participated in was held in Mladá Boleslav, where she got another BIS PUPPY title. She’s very social, friendly, playful, communicative and happy.

- Pedigree -
Salsina Whole World { Ch. Beldones Black Illusion {
Ch. Chelborn Kiss'N Tell { Ch. Samhaven Time Will Tell
Brilyn Silver Serenade to Chelborn
Aquarelle des Beldones { Brilyn Black Inspiration
Ch. Lynaire Something Special
Demi Day Dream in Blue de Cathyja { Tricky Trooper de Cathyja { Ch. Narwick Silver Blue de Cathyja
Ouest Side Story Black de Cathyja
Ch. Silvermoor's Black Opal at Buebezi { Silvermoor's Spritzer
Silvermoor's May Bee
Monsolina Say my Name { Monsolana Action To Victory { Cramick Silver Blue de Cathyja { Ch. Narwick Silver Blue de Cathyja
Ch. Silvermoor's Black Opal at Buebezi
Evening Star de Cathyja { Tricky Trooper de Cathyja
Blue Chrystal Pearl de Cathyja
Monsolana Black Pounds { Lynmead Let's Go Black { Ch. Amalie Look Who's Black
Lynmead So in Love
Topaz at Monsolana s Jantarnogo Berega { Ch. Velvet in Blue de Cathyja
New Monfort Elizabeth Tailor


- Exhibitions -
Date Show Judge Result
04.09.2022 Club show Humpolec Nick Smith Excellent 3
15.05.2022 Club show Chropyně Dona Jones (GB) Excellent 1
14.05.2022 Club show Chropyně Geoff Duffeld (GB) Excellent 1
30.09.2021 WDS Brno Kerihuel Jean Paul Excellent 2, Res. CAC
29.09.2021 IDS Brno (at WDS) Reslerová Jitka Excellent 4
11.09.2021 Special show Chropyně Petrášková Lenka Excellent 1
07.08.2021 Club show Humpolec Edith Soltesz Excellent 3
31.07.2021 IDS Klatovy Ovesná Jaroslava Excellent 3
03.07.2021 NDS Klatovy Ovesná Božena Excellent 1, CAC
16.05.2021 Club show Chropyně Krinke Milan Excellent 3
15.05.2021 Club show Chropyně Kůrová Marie Excellent 1, CAC
13.04.2019 IDS České Budějovice Olga Dolejšová Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
23.03.2019 NDS Zielona Góra Anna Kochan Excellent 1, CAC
03.02.2019 DUO CACIB Brno Judit Korózs-Papp (HU) Excellent 2, Res. CAC
02.02.2019 DUO CACIB Brno Timmins Dermot (IRL) Excellent 1, CAC
27.01.2019 IDS Nitra Miroslav Václavík Very good 1
26.01.2019 IDS Nitra Petr Řehánek Excellent 2, Res. CAC
25.01.2019 IDS Nitra Judit Korózs-Papp (HU) Excellent 2, Res. CAC
09.12.2018 IDS Nitra Boris Špoljarič (HR) Excellent 2, Res. CAC
08.12.2018 IDS Nitra Zaza Omarov (GE) Excellent 1, CAC
20.10.2018 Club show Kladno Paul Battigan (IRL) Excellent 1, CAC
06.10.2018 IDS České Budějovice Gabriela Ridarčiková (SK) Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB
16.09.2018 Club show Chropyně John Wauben (NL) Excellent 1, CAC
15.09.2018 Special show Chropyně Peter Fricke (D) Excellent 1
02.09.2018 Club show Sondershausen (SRN) Karen McDevitt (IRL) Excellent 3
26.08.2018 German Winner Liepzig Guy Kips (Lux) Excellent
25.08.2018 CACIB Liepzig Kerstin Selle (D) Excellent 3
14.07.2018 NDS Mladá Boleslav Márová Petra Excellent 2, Res. CAC
10.06.2018 DOG EXPO Nitra Victor Lobakin (AZ) Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB
09.06.2018 DOG EXPO Nitra Birk Carsten (DK) Excellent 1, CAJC
08.06.2018 DOG EXPO Nitra Cox Gerard (IE) Excellent 1, CAJC
03.06.2018 Club show Humpolec Cheryl Locket (UK) Very good 2
02.06.2018 Club show Humpolec Steve Barrett (UK) Excellent 1, CAC
12.05.2018 Club show Chropyně Sandra Wiglessworth (UK) Excellent 2
05.05.2018 IDS Praha Drobnjak Darko (SRB) Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ
21.04.2018 IDS České Budějovice Ladislav Kukla Excellent 2
08.04.2018 IDS Chemnitz Timmy Ursula Ralfe (ZA) Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB
04.02.2018 DUO CACIB Brno Poschacher Heidi (A) Excellent 2
03.02.2018 DUO CACIB Brno Milan Krinke Excellent 1, CAJC
07.10.2017 IDS Čeaké Budějovice Claudio de Giuliani Very promising 1
28.09.2017 Club show Mladá Boleslav Natalja Skalin Very promising 1, BIS PUPPY
17.09.2017 Club show Gódólio (HU) Boris Cavilac (F) Very promising 2
27.08.2017 Club show Ostrava Margaretha Carlsson (S) Very promising 1, BIS PUPPY
26.08.2017 Club show Ostrava Eva Eriksson (S) Very promising 1, BIS PUPPY

- Photo Gallery -