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Chovatelská stanice kolií dlouhosrstých z Bohušova vrchu


Collie rough kennel z Bohušova vrchu was established 18.06.2009. We chose this name because of one of the sights that is characteristic for the city of Planá near Moravské lázně. It is a lookout tower standing on Bohušův vrch, which used to be called Šibeniční vrch. There had been a wooden gloritte since the turn of 19th and 20th century, which would be falling into disrepair. Now we can find there a an 18-metre-tall lookout tower, which began to be built on December 2nd, 1908. The lookout tower offers its visitors outstanding views of the landscape around Český and Slavkovský les (woods) and Tepelská vrchovina (highlands).

My first collie was a sturdy gold dog named Lesan, who had been with us since 1968. Lesan was my first big love and the reason why I fell in love with collies. He got me with his friendly character, his beauty and just by completely everything. Later, I got our golden girl named Nikinka, who was a great friend to us as well.

I started to devote my time to breeding in 2017 when I acquired a golden bitch named Gwendy z Chýnovské jeskyně. A year later, I also got a golden dog That’s All African Gold.

In 2010, we kept a golden bitch Andy African Gold z Bohušova vrchu from our very first litter. Unfotunately she injured her back leg when she was training agility, which is why we took a break from her exhibition and sports career.

In 2014, I imported a gorgeous blue merle bitch Monsolina Frut of Sun from a Russian kennel Monsolana, where I got even more carried away by the beauty of this breed. Two years later, in 2016, I imported another dog, this time a tricolored dog Monsolina Mister X, a very friendly and lively dog. Last but not least, in 2017 we were joined by a tricolored bitch Monsolana Lovely Cream.

Our dogs are like our buddies or even members of our family. We try our best to give them as much physical activity as possible and we make sure they’re happy living with us. Currently, we devote most of the time to exhibitions and we make use of our free time doing sports. Thanks to collies I’ve met many new incredible people, who adore collies as much as I do.

Ivana Kudrová, z Bohušova vrchu kennel