Cinnamon Roll Altyn – Tagh

D.O.B.: 9.11.2021

Sex: female

Father: Monsolana Cool Night

Mother: Akai Mystery Shoking Blue at Monsolana

Color: blue merle

Teeth: complete, scissors bite

Height: 53 cm

Breeding: breeding female

- Health -

CEA -/-, MDR -/-, DM -/-, IPD +/+, HUU (hyperurikosuria) +/+


- About Mailey -

Mailey loves cuddling and like all our girls she is very chatty. Her best friend is Lia, they are an inseparable duo. She likes to steal Ennie's balloons and tease her. At home, together with Lia, she likes to cuddle with her human masters and is happy.

- Pedigree -
Monsolana Cool Night { Monsolana Black Dragon {
Monsolana Velvet Blue { Monsolana Bluzstar For Aaronwell
Monsolana Blackpoinds
Evening Star de Cathyja { Don't Let Me Down des Marécages du Prince
Chery Leen Dream du Bois des Amazones
Monsolana Madame Cassale { Monsolana Bonjour Paris { Ch. Beldones Black Illusion
Demi Day Dream in Blue de Cathyja
Fiona Blue de Cathyja { Monsolana Action To Victory
Monsolana Black Pounds
Akai Mystery Shoking Blue at Monsolana { Monsolana Masterboy { Monsolana Aktion To Viktori { Cramick Silver Blue de Cathyja
Evening Star de Cathyja
Aleandr Aurika { Couci-Couca de Cathyja
Denfris Kiss And Be Friends
Monsolana Lavika { Salsina Whole World { Beldones Black Illusion
Demi Day Dream in Blue de Cathyja
Monsolina Say my Name { Monsolana Aktion To Viktori
Monsolana Blackpoinds


- Exhibitions -
Date Show Judge Result
13.5.2023 Club show Chropyně Paul Lawless Excellent 1, CAC
07.01.2023 IDS Brno Vladimír Piskay Very good
03.12.2022 IDS Brno Božena Ovesná Very good
28.10.2022 Regional dog show Kelč Petr Řehánek Excellent 1, Class Winner
04.09.2022 Special show Humpolec Nick Smith Excellent 2
28.05.2022 Regional dog show Hradec Králové Alexandra Grygarová Very promising 1
14.5.2022 Club show Chropyně Geoff Duffield Very promising 3
30.4.2022 Club show Horní Počernic Anna Redlická Very promising 3

- Photo Gallery -